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Kuemmerle Research

Institutional Commodity Research focused on US-Futures Markets


Commodity Research

On the first Sunday of every month the "State of The Commodity Market" gets published.

This report was developed with institutional money managers to meet the needs of hedge funds, wealth managers and portfolio managers.

The report covers the most essential parts of the commodity complex, including Energy, Agricultural Commodities and Metals. In the report, the current market situation is getting evaluated and divergences between market fundamentals and the price action get highlighted.

We are specialized in the US-Futures markets and help our clients to execute ideas via futures contracts as well as ETFs or ETCs.

With our research approach, we are looking 3-6 months into the future, a timeframe that is the perfect fit to find divergences between market fundamentals and price.

We inform institutional investors about the latest opportunities and developments in the energy, 
agricultural, and metals markets through monthly and weekly reports and individual meetings and calls. 

Therefore, we developed a commodity research subscription that is intended to meet the needs of institutional asset managers.

Every month, we send out a long-format commodity market analysis. 
Every week, clients receive a short-format update about the most important market moves. 
Moreover, clients can book calls to meet individual needs. The research is written and published on weekends so clients can make informed decisions when markets open. 

Lukas Kuemmerle is the founder and editor of Kuemmerle Research. He produces research publications and provides bespoke advisory services and is regularly featured in media such as BBC, Citywire, Blockworks, and Realvision.

Meetings & Calls

For most institutional money managers we worked with so far, personal contact was quite important. Therefore we of course schedule meetings to discuss certain parts of the commodity complex or discover specific theme complexes with our clients.


Lukas Kuemmerle

Founder & Editor of Kuemmerle Research

My research approach is pretty simple: Find a divergence between commodity market fundamentals and the price the particular commodity is currently trading.

It is one thing to write nice reports about what is happening in the commodity world, it is a whole different story if you write a report that institutions can use to identify the right commodity setups and provide the right timing to add portfolio exposure.

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