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Macro and commodity focused research for private and institutional investors


Focus on Practicality

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Fundamental Research


Technical Research


Risk Management

Our research approach is always the same. We're looking at the following components in our analysis:

  • Market Sentiment (Do we see extreme euphoria/fear in the data)

  • Positioning Data (Speculative, Commercial positioning, open interest)

  • Historic Patterns (history doesn't repeat but it rhymes)

  • Seasonality (very important especially for commodities)

  • Cycle Forecast (very important and often overlooked metrics)

  • Fundamental Back Story (fundamental information is the driver of price)

  • Technicals - to pull the trigger and execute the trade

  • Risk Management - cutting losers short/letting winners run

If you then combine all these factors and put them together into one report - you receive the Kuemmerle Research reports