Biggest financial experiment ever

What we see now in the year 2020 is a new step in monetary policy by the FED, like the world has never seen before. The amount of money that floats the markets is just unbelievable, so better learn how to deal with such a new market environment. It's not about the main stream media anymore, cause they can't teach you what is going on in the financial world right now..

To understand the environment you have to dig a little deeper.

If you compare the amount of money which floatet the market at the financial crisis with today you see whats really going on and I don’t believe that the central banks already reached their maximum in printing additional money and buying bonds, now junk bonds and in the near future even stocks ?

About the consequences we just can philosophize right now. Do we see a short term deflation which gets followed by higher inflation or even hyperinflation. I don't know yet, but I will definitely be prepared.