Trading the markets is my passion

The first interest in the stock exchange developed for me when I was about 17 years old. At this point I heard something about ETFs for the first time and interest arose in me. When I was 18, I opened my first trading account, where I started trading ETFs and my first individual shares.

At that point, I didn't even knew about technical or fundamental analysis related to the overall market behavior and expectations of market participants, but this was my personal start.


Over the past years, however, I have learned every day how the market works and what I have to do, to act successful in it.

Nowadays I can already claim to be an expert in the field of financial market analysis and to interpret economic developments correctly or to compare them with the expectations of market participants and to act accordingly.

In the end, it doesn't matter so much what you buy, but at what price. However, this can only be determined with the appropriate analysis.

Trading the markets is my passion

Of course, I also had to deal with some setbacks and had to deal with a hard learning process.

But don't get me wrong here.

Every day is a different day with new knowledge and challenges in the global markets and the learning curve has a beginning but never an end.

This is what makes it so lovely for me to be part of it.


At the moment, I feel most comfortable in a mix of different financial instruments, using a combination of futures, stocks, ETFs and options to track different market cycles and different market strategies.

However, my home is the futures market in short and long-term trading.

My main playing field is definetily the currency and commodity market.

To date, the most important step for me has been to understand how to act with adequate risk management and risk-reward ratios.

Risk management comes first, followed by the return aspect.

With this philosophy, I successfully trade a large number of financial instruments part-time.

Read, learn & understand every single day

At school I deeply underestimate the ability to read and learn content that is really interesting and engages in it. Perhaps because the economic component only plays a subordinate role in German schools.

It is always better to be an expert in a particular field than to be able to do everything a bit.

I can say this today, because I operate with my own capital on the markets and therefore have to research, read and understand a lot every day.


Because if you want to know and understand what is currently moving the market, you have to be up to date.

In my opinion, it would be grossly negligent not to watch the news and the current market environment, even if you use a completely automated strategy based on algorithms.

Because trends always have one thing in common. They end up at some point.

And here's a little tip, never forget emotional human behavior. Basically, the pattern is always the same.

It is about exceeding or falling below expectations.


Analyzing different markets or evaluating market-related statistics is also something that I do every day. Reading of economic indicators such as CoT data or publications of central bank reports and key figures, as well as the interpretation of general economic key figures.

Read, learn & understand every single day

There are a lot of statistics, metrics and patterns to look out for.

I have my own individual approach and use a whole range of media and analysis tools to cover the technical, fundamental and also emotional side of market behavior.

For me, however, the part of the technical analysis clearly stands out in the weighting of my own reasoning and decision-making.

After each analysis, the corresponding case has to be confirmed by technical analysis, otherwise I keep my hands off it.


Just because something is bad from a neutral point of view does not mean that it is the same for the markets and reverse.

There are so many factors that have to be considered.

Hence the technical chart analysis.


I think that these skills and the daily striving for more knowledge gives me a real advantage over many other traders and market participants.

Traveling the world

I think life is too short to hide all of life in its own comfort zone.

The world is full of different cultures and people, and everyone should be able to discover that. So far, I like the English-speaking countries the most because I generally like the language very much and, besides my mother tongue German, I also speak it regularly.


That's why I love traveling around the world when there is time.


I am convinced that if you want to act at the highest level in your professional or business life, you also have to have a clear mind and a healthy body.

That is why sport and healthy eating have a big role in my life.


I play soccer in a sports club and keep my body healthy every day with some exercise.

I think that a healthy body and a clear mind do their part for long-term success and a happy life.