lukas kuemmerle


A Bit About Me

I'm a Private Financial Analyst and Investor.

I'm passionate about research in the areas of Commodities and Macro developments.

That's what I love and what I do.


Finance Expertise

My competence lies in the area of commodities and currency trading, as well as macro investing.

To this end, I have developed my own trading approach, which I have pursued to this day.

In this regard, I attach great importance to looking at fundamental and technical market factors as a bundle and evaluating them accordingly.

The art of trading & investing lies not only in recognizing trends at an early stage, but also in implementing them with the right financial instruments and the appropriate risk management.


About me

Work Experience


2021 - Jun 2021

Research Analyst Intern


Internship at the "DJE Kapital AG" with the focus on Equity- and Macro-Research as well as Portfolio Management

2014 - Oct 2016

College Entry Qualification

Finished school with “German Fachhochschulreife” which is the same level as advanced technical college entrance qualification, two major subjects: politics & economics and English

2018 - Jan 2021


Dual Banking Training

Dual training at the “Raiffeisenbank Hessennord eG” with a theoretical part at professional school and a practical part inside the bank, finished with “Banking Professional Degree”

2016 - Sep 2017


Project Management & Sales Intern

Internship at “Werner Maschinenbau GmbH” with focus on project management & sales management, human resources, sales techniques


Always up to date

The Commodity Report offers unique insights in the Grains, Softs, Meats, Energy and Metals market.

The report is basically divided into three sections and is published every Monday at 6:00AM ET

Evaluation of all sectors and the classification of the weekly performance

Deep look into the macro world, latest news and possible effects on the Commodity sectors

What to look out for in the upcoming week

Spotting trends early

The whole package helps you to find interesting opportunities in the Commodity market on the long and short site.

I most certainly believe that my weekly report will ad value to your decision making, no matter whether you are an institutional or a private trader or analyst.